With so much of turbulence in the world today both domestic and global, life has become more commercialized and hectic than ever in the history of mankind. Family values and ethics have deteriorated with evidence of crimes, child abuses, sexual offences and fraudulence in rise at the present.

Gradually while this is being realized now;  one tries to seek a less stressful life but it is almost a mammoth task to manage family, work and social life as these burdens with the increasing cost of living create  a stressful life to maintain the status of living.

One of the most effective means of resolving our modern day problem is by relying on the spiritual fundamentals. This is all about managing diversity in a modern world using basic knowledge and truth about life as guided by the holy scriptures from our ancient times.

These religious activities such as Nada and Bakti Yoga (chanting with devotion) is a process of conditioning mankind to guide and enjoy the journey with a good balance of mind in every aspects of life be it entertainment, food, work and family life. We ought to remember only when we are in balance of mind and body, we can think of GOD vice versa.

All problems are only illusory. In reality there are no problems. Pain and pleasure are both part of life, learning the art of treating and reducing pain would melt away all miseries. A foolish mind finds no end to problems. Problems are created in mind due to our past actions. A balance and sensible mind unlocks the hard chest of problems by engaging in spiritual activities. Only when mind detaches from worldly extreme thoughts can divinity illumine our mind, thoughts, speech and action.

The journey has began very long ago but its still many miles away with time seems ticking fast, one should participate in activities like this mass chanting as this is a part of the our mind and body purification process.

Thus when one is purified with good and positive energy and thoughts, peace is attain in the hearts of our people which hinders us from instigating and partaking in negative activities lead to such as greed, lust, anger, jealousy, materialistic tendencies and arrogance. Thus peace prevails in us, thus in chain effect helps others around us and the community gets peace and harmony too.

This is a humble effort to pacify our mind to realize our soul and pray for world peace.