Hanuman is Shiva’s energy whom is called VAYU PUTRA. He is called the PRANA DEVA. By remembering Hanuman, we are merging ourselves with this divine energy to calm an important aspect of Panchabootha (nature’s five elements) which is VAYU (air). In turn,  other elements of the nature becomes stabile in its natural and peaceful state. The calamities are then can be minimized to maintain peace and harmony in this globe and country by this selfless effort.

Consequently, our prana (life force energy within) is realized within and our Atma (soul) consciousness is attained as we chant the most auspicious Hanuman Chalisa. Net effect is the participants realize the steady state of mind. This also help one to achieve the right  balance to live healthy. This chanting is  interpreted as Nada & Bhakti Yoga which means union with the supreme power by means of music and devotions.